I wouldn’t call myself a “Jill Of All Trades,” but my clients do.

ashley r cummings.jpg

A little about me.

Do I like traveling the world at a moment’s notice as well as staying at home watching Disney movies with my kids in our jammies? Yes.

Do I enjoy everything from a plain old American hot dog at a baseball game to eating Ethiopian food with my hands? Absolutely.

Can you find me shedding a tear or two at well-performed Shakespeare play and then getting my hands dirty playing some beach volleyball the next day? You know it!

My interests are eclectic. But, let me answer the question you’re here for: What is Ashley insanely good at and why should I hire this nerd?

You guessed it...I stand out in a crowd when it comes to copywriting and content marketing.

But, how did I get into freelance writing? Here’s the quick backstory.

In 2011, I was working two jobs: a fun 9-5 as a corporate trainer/instructional designer and at a university as a Russian instructor (I know, fancy). But, something strange kept happening to me at my 9-5. Colleagues from the marketing and sales departments often showed up my desk asking me to write a quick something-something, edit a proof here and there, or just give feedback on their writing.

That’s when the lightbulb went off for me. Maybe I am weirdly good at this. Perhaps I should go back to my roots (majored in English…worked in marketing) and offer my writing services on a freelance basis.

And that’s what I did. Since 2011, I’ve been on my own, developing a comprehensive understanding of content marketing, an even stronger command of language, and a desire to help my clients crush their content marketing goals.

My work has appeared on sites like Campaign Monitor, TapClicks, BlueHost, DreamHost, Zions Bank, Time Doctor, Fuel Cycle, OrangeSoda, Thanx, FreshLime, GetFeedback, iSpionage, IsoTalent, Viator, and many more. Ghost-written articles appear on sites like Search Engine Journal, Inc., LinkedIn, etc. but I’m not supposed to tell you that (shhhhh).

I’d love to learn how I can help your company grow, and add your fabulous brand to my list of clients.