Is Freelance Writing A Good Career?

Everyone works in order to fulfill some sort of need. People become mechanics because cars need maintenance. Doctors go through medical school, because people get sick. Insurance agents exist to offer a safety net when people get in a pickle. But, what about freelance writers?

Is there a need for freelance writers in this large society of ours?

My answer to that question is a resounding yes! In fact, there is more need now for freelance writers than ever before.

Here are some reasons why focusing your career on freelance writing is not only a good idea, but a lucrative option among many other career choices.


Freelance writers are necessary because the internet continues to grow

Freelance writers should love the internet.

It's no joke that people spend hours and hours searching the internet for information, shopping online, and that nearly all businesses have a website (or at least should have a website) that needs large amounts of continuous content.

As the internet grows, so does the need for excellent content writers. Woot!


Search engines require stellar content from awesome writers

Did you know that search engines have many ways to organize websites in order to determine which websites will get the coveted first page listings, and one of the most popular ways is by indexing website content?

You know what that means?

The more relevant and helpful content that business owners can strategically list on their website, the better chance they have of getting listed in the search engines for keywords relevant to their website. Once again, freelance writers are needed to pump out this type of content for brands.

Additionally, Google likes to see refreshed content. This means business owners should rewrite their website content every so often to stay current. Isn't that great?


Sometimes business owners suck at writing

As mentioned above, all business owners should have a website with robust and fresh content for people and search engines to explore.

The dilemma for small business owners is that while they may be a great business owner, they may not be a great writer. This means they need you to help them.

Outsourcing a task like writing is a win for business owners, and a win for you as a freelance writer.


Freelance writers (even the expensive ones) are more affordable than hiring in-house writers

When a company hires a full-time writer, they are often hiring a writer to watch YouTube videos for 30 hours a week, and write for 10.

To top it off, companies are paying for health insurance and other benefits as well. Not to mention, if hiring a writer doesn’t work out, the company has to re-hire, and that’s expensive as hell.

Businesses definitely have a need for writers, but when they outsource projects rather than keeping them in-house, they save money, even if your prices are high. Use this as a sale’s tool.


Blogging is a viable career option as well

Not only do business owners need to hire freelance writers, but you can actually draw a crowd of readers by starting your own blog.

There are several ways to monetize your blog once you have a following, but advertising is one of the most popular ways to make money.

When you start a niche blog with a loyal and targeted following, advertisers that are interested in your readership demographic will be clamoring for an ad space on your website.

If you can think of a cool blogging niche, and get a following, you'll be well on your way to making money as a blogger.

Keep in mind, it's a lot easier said than done, and you'll definitely want to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost hosting (rather than a free blog), so you can monetize later.


Start freelance writing today!

Freelance writing is indeed a great career option. The need for good writers is higher than ever, and it continues to grow. Don't get me wrong; it will be hard work to get the ball rolling, but any work is hard work, right? Feel free to contact me if you need advice on how to get started. I’d love to connect via LinkedIn.