Hello there! Thanks for visiting my website where you get to know the pretty online version of myself. In other words, please believe all the good that I present, and I know that I will be leaving out all of the bad and the ugly, so you’ll like me more.

By profession and passion, I am a writer. I went to lots of school for it and everything, which means I can write a bunch of cool stuff really fast, make up new words (Shakespeare-style) and pass it off as coining, and whenever I start a sentence with a conjunction, it’s super hip, not incorrect.

As a freelance writer, I mostly write business blog posts, web content, and magazine articles, but I’ve also been known to hang out on the creative side of town by producing my own blog, pumping out poetry, and writing the occasional creative non-fiction piece. In fact, I am currently working on writing my very own book. I know, totally big kid of me, right?

To get a bit more personal, here’s a little more about what makes me…well…me. Above all, I am a family gal. I have a wonderful rock star drummer husband, and a beautiful little girl, and they make me the happiest. For fun, I like meeting new people, traveling, reading, creative writing, and exploring the great outdoors.

For more information about my professional freelance writing services, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at ashleyrcummings(at)gmail.com. I would love to help you tackle your writing project.

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